Terrazzo pearl river

Terrazzo pearl river

  • Product series : Terrazzo
  • Product size: 2400x1600mm/3000x1200mm
  • Product thickness: 15mm/18mm/20mm/30mm

PRODUCT Description


With new advances in technology, terrazzo stone basin Tiles can now be produced in single-layer tile formats – that is, there is one layer of stone mixed with a cement binder, and vacuum technology means that this single layer can be used without the need for any re-enforcement. This has meant that not only can a tile be supplied in really large formats , giving the feeling of a poured terrazzo stone basin floor, but also it has become a product suitable for both commercial and residential use. Single-layer terrazzo stone basin tiles are pre-finished at the factory, so no need for specialist technical equipment and can be cut laid as if it were a natural stone tile.


Elegantly Designed - Made especially for tealight candles, Vipostones takes its inspiration from natural stone. The shape naturally holds the candle in place and allows you to view the flame, creating an elegant ambiance that adds a sense of mystery.


Any Occasion - These tealight candle holders are the perfect home decor for any occasion, such as relaxing at home, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any special event.


Functional Style - With Vipostones , you get the affordable luxury that's as functional as beautiful. This stunning candle holder made from the highest quality terrazzo stone basin is sturdy and durable!

The Perfect Gift - Surprise your loved one with a beautiful terrazzo stone basin candle holder from Vipostones ! Your gift is sure to brighten any occasion!


Enjoying the beginning of their revival, terrazzo stone basin Tiles have had a massive return to fashion – eco-friendly to the heart, it represents the ultimate eco-friendly sustainable material. From large office receptions to high-end departments stores such as the Valentino Men flagship store, terrazzo stone basin in tile form is at the forefront of design, practicality and style.


Originally, terrazzo stone basin was poured on site, using waste natural stone chips and pieces, mixed with cement. Its still possible to have a poured Terrazzo floor, but cost and the scarcity of experienced practitioners can make is prohibitive. In tile form, the terrazzo first made its appearance as a dual layered material, combining a surface layer of the stone-cement mix and a base layer of purer cement. This gave the tile performance strength making it suitable for airport concourses, train platforms and supermarkets, but the weight of the tile also meant that it was not the easiest material to install, especially in a residential setting.





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