Terrazzo pure grey

Terrazzo pure grey

  • Product series : Terrazzo
  • Product size: 2400x1600mm/3000x1200mm
  • Product thickness: 15mm/18mm/20mm/30mm

PRODUCT Description


Pure Grey is a mixture of pigment from iron oxide and calcium carbonate with a small amount of water. It's an incredibly tough stain that is virtually impenetrable to regular cleaning methods, so you're really looking for just about pure grey. As such, you're better off finding a great product like Pure Grey terrazzo reconstituted stone instead of trying to clean or stain your natural stone yourself. This product will penetrate deeply into the pores of your stone and not wash away, meaning you can enjoy the lovely appearance of grey marble for years to come. The grey pigment works as a great barrier against bacteria and other unwanted marks, ensuring that your marble will continue looking its best for years to come, rather than slowly deteriorating.


If you've ever thought about using grey in your home then you may have considered contacting the Pure Grey terrazzo reconstituted stone Company. This company specialises in manufacturing grey pigments specifically for use on natural stone and granite, and they pride themselves in their work. The grey used by Pure Grey is formulated from a specially formulated mixture of minerals to give it a wide range of protective properties, helping it withstand daily wear and tear.


As well as being highly effective and durable, it will also leave a beautiful sheen on your natural stone, helping to make it appear more glamorous and luxurious than ever before. This finish can be used on any kind of stone surface, including slate, limestone and travertine, and you can guarantee that you will get a long-lasting and completely protective finish that will last you for many years to come.


The Vipo terrazzo reconstituted stone Company is based in New York and they're only two people who run the business. They work closely with leading manufacturers and installers to ensure that you get the best service possible along with the highest quality product. The company has been in the tiles and stone industry for over 12 years and they continually monitor the quality of their tiles and stones so that you can enjoy their work for as long as possible. You'll probably find that once you've laid your tile, you'll never want to lay another!






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