Terrazzo VP9138L

Terrazzo VP9138L

  • Product series : Terrazzo
  • Product size: 2400x1600mm/3000x1200mm
  • Product thickness: 15mm/18mm/20mm/30mm

PRODUCT Description


Terrazzo (also known as the grindstone) is the aggregate such as gravel, glass, quartz stone mixed with cement bonding materials made of coagulation products after the surface grinding, polishing products. We call it inorganic grindstone if it is made of cement bond. It is widely used in big area, such as shopping mall, airport, subway station, rail station, hospital etc., and even vanity tops, furniture.

The beauty of terrazzo engineered stone top is its diversity in colors, styles, and patterns. From smooth white to vibrant reds and greens, terrazzo engineered stone top stone is the ultimate choice in bathroom design. It can be custom cut into any size, allowing for an endless variety of patterns and textures. Classic white terrazzo engineered stone top with 4-inch backsplash gives your bath a clean, modern feel.


White terrazzo engineered stone top with stainless steel trim provides a classic white tub. The trim, which comes pre-drill cut, is installed by sliding it into the drain hole, allowing you to complete the installation without removing the drain. This is also convenient if there is an unusual amount of drainage behind the bathtub. In this instance, it would be difficult to install the terrazzo engineered stone top on its own, resulting in a more difficult drain to build. If your drain is larger than one inch, this trim will be required in order to get the job done properly.


An alternate option for those that do not desire a terrazzo engineered stone top bathtub or a large backstop would be to install a bathtub and backstop that include terrazzo engineered stone top. A slip-back terrazzo engineered stone top bathtub can provide the same charm as a terrazzo engineered stone top floor, but it requires less work to make it work. Since the slip-back top does not include terrazzo engineered stone top, the drain holes need to be drilled directly into the floor. These pre-drill holes will be small, but should not be small enough to allow water to accumulate. For best results, use a drain screen to keep the water from draining into the bathtub.


Once your bathtub or terrazzo engineered stone top floor has been installed, there are a few simple surface treatments that can be added to protect your investment and extend the life of your floor. terrazzo engineered stone top has natural resistance to chemicals, bacteria, and fungus, but it is vulnerable to scratches and heavy blows from moving shower fixtures and tub fixtures. Using terrazzo engineered stone top floor paint can help protect the surface of your terrazzo engineered stone top bathtubs and tubs, but make sure you apply the paint in a treated area and following up with a quality terrazzo sealer to help protect the surface of the flooring.


In general, a terrazzo installation is easier than installing tile because of its more solid surface. It can also be used for applications where a smooth terrazzo surface is not required, including bathroom walls and shower floors. One important consideration is that the engineered stone on which you will be installing your floor must be sealed to prevent water damage and moisture penetration. In the case of bathroom walls, this seal is usually provided by the manufacturer, but in other cases it can be done on your own.





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